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CERTX – International Conference & Exhibition
16-18 May

16 May 2017     Riyadh
The Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski

CERTX is the 1st International Conference and Exhibition for Professional Certification.  The event takes place in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the theme of “Professional Certification: The Driving Force Behind a Knowledge-Based Economy”. The event will be one of the largest International Events specialising in introducing pioneering International Organisations and Companies to the field of Professional Certification to contribute to inspiring and promoting a culture of continuous learning, innovation and professional development.

The Organisers, Sponsors, Presenters and Participants of CERTX look to form a link between pioneering international institutions that offer quality international standards, benchmarking, education and knowledge with Training and Educational Institutions, young professionals and local students. CERTX also aims to transfer knowledge and technology and to build relationships with sustainable partnership to enhance and push for building a knowledge-based society and economy.

For further information and why you should attend please click HERE