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Creating the Equitable Workplace

In today's world of hybrid work, you have to make sure all employees are welcome to the office - regardless of how often they are there. So, how do you actually create this sense of equability?

Article by 13 July 2022


What critical attributes are required for the future of remote work?

The number of organisations moving towards a remote workforce has increased at a steady pace over the years leading up to 2020 and this trend is certainly showing no signs of slowing down, with working from home rising rapidly as a consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak. What was deemed a temporary solution for many organisations is now looking to be a more permanent reality for large segments of the workforce who realise they do not need to be on-site to perform their daily work tasks.

Article by 19 August 2020


Bridging the gap: Meeting the expectations of a hybrid workforce

We have entered a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic. While it still feels too soon to say we’re emerging from it, some organisations are taking tentative steps in that direction. This is evident in the rising proportion of people gradually returning to their places of work. Last week, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released data indicating that 44% of adults had travelled to work in the past seven days, compared with 41% in the previous week.

Article by 10 July 2020