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Fear of embracing technological change is holding back the UK economy

The reality is that most people running and working in UK businesses, no matter what their age, have no deep understanding of technology. They are getting by, day-to-day, by the skin of their teeth, using Microsoft Outlook and Word and hoping no-one deletes their shortcuts.

Article by 23 September 2023


Coping with change in the workplace

Change can offer trigger negative emotions, including anger, stress, fear, and anxiety. Managing change can be a real challenge for some, especially if they associate it with loss of control. However change is also essential for business. Embracing change allows businesses to innovate and grow, remaining strong and resilient.

Article by 12 May 2023


How conversation radically transforms organizations

Do you believe in resistance to change and that there is a magic communication strategy that will help you make the change initiatives sustainable? Think again, or read this. Conversation might sound simple, yet it is an arduous task. With the help of the discoveries of three scientists, let's explore: 1. why do we need conversation today more than ever before 2. where does the conversation in the organization take place and 3. who should be invited to the discussion, aka. who are the change makers

Article by 8 May 2023


Applying a Buddhist lens to Organizational Change

During the past few years, organizations have had to pivot, change, and adapt like at no other time before. And the need to change and evolve is only going to continue in 2023. In this article, I make a case for organizations to take a more spiritual approach to organizational change rooted in intention, mindfulness, and insight that can help address some of the reasons change initiatives fail, using Buddhism’s ‘Five Strengths’ as a framework.

Article by 28 April 2023


Now’s not the time to cut HR budgets

Lockdown has been a test lab. There have been high-profile cases of how using remote technologies changes the dynamic and can catch people out: such as Wales’ Health Minister Vaughan Gething, who was heard being abusive about a fellow Assembly member on Zoom by 20 other participants. But also, more generally, there’s been reports of how remote working creates new fault lines and pressures in team relationships and more potential for conflict. There have been many cases of an increased sense of togetherness among remote workers, battling adversity through lockdown, but this was a temporary phenomenon. The novelty and glow of community has been replaced by a growing familiarity with the realities of the ‘new normal’.

Article by 23 July 2020



Feeling your age? You’re not alone – the world’s population is steadily getting older. Last year, for the first time in history, people aged 65 and over outnumbered children under five years of age globally.[i] And as the population ages, so does the workforce: in the UK, there are now more than 10.5 million workers aged 50 and above, representing a third of the total workforce aged 16 and over.

Article by 12 December 2019


Change – Business Transformation and Evolution

This is where the difference has happened… we can no longer afford to stay still in organisations. Change is not just one project or one transformation that has an end point, it is a continuous cycle that must keep on going for any organisation to survive nowadays.

Article by 25 July 2019