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Cinthya Quijano

Change – Business Transformation and Evolution

This is where the difference has happened… we can no longer afford to stay still in organisations. Change is not just one project or one transformation that has an end point, it is a continuous cycle that must keep on going for any organisation to survive nowadays.

Article by 25 July 2019

Sarah Gornall

Change – the Constant

One thing is sure between birth and death – and that is change. True on the organisational level, as well as the individual one. Every organisation, every business, goes through transformation as it grows, with evolving structure, leadership, personnel, aims, stresses and successes – and will go through different transformations as it downsizes, merges or winds up its business.

Article by 16 July 2019

Cinthya Quijano

Cultural Change is in Every Change

I’ve always loved Darwin’s quote as I believe it is so true for organisations as a whole. The one’s that thrive are most adaptable, and actually in the world we live in today it is not just about being responsive to change… it’s about being the change. Organisations that challenge the status quo, that continue evolving; innovating are the ones that are thriving at the moment. The deeper you look into change, the more you notice that all change comes back to a core aspect: the culture of an organisation. This tends to change or mould for things to happen, even if it is sometimes just a tweak.

Article by 8 March 2018

Jane Sparrow

Ten tips on being a great storyteller for World Book Day 2018

Storytelling is a great way to engage people and can help change behaviour in ways that dry, rational messages just can’t. Whilst imaginative storytelling with our children is the most natural thing in the world, this notion often gets lost in the corporate environment.

Article by 1 March 2018

Perry Timms

Disruptors and Disruption

Once, a company being a disruptor was considered the ultimate honour tag; and a chance that there was a case study just waiting to erupt onto the unsuspecting HBR readership.  Now a company like Uber or even AirBnB as a disruptor doesn’t ALWAYS attract the adoring storylines.

Article by 5 January 2018

Cinthya Quijano

Why change is a bad word?

I've noticed a trend at different events I've gone to that I'd like to share with you as readers. I get asked the typical question, "what do you do?", and I mention that I'm an organisation development professional. I usually get asked what that means.

Article by 5 June 2017

Jane Sparrow

Change management is dead – human management is key

These days it's less 'business as usual' and more 'change as usual' as our corporate environments (and world!) are in a constant state of flux. It means that change management itself is almost a dying trade being rapidly replaced by schools of thought around change leadership, agility and collaboration.

Article by 14 February 2017

Tom Haak

Change Resistance Bingo

Change Resistance Bingo: print out the card below, hand it out during a meeting where the plan is discussed. When you hear a phrase that resembles a phrase on the card, tick the box. If you do not like the plan, use one or more of the phrases on the card. In that way, you can both slow down the plan and win the Change Resistance Bingo.

Article by 6 February 2017