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Survey suggests managers must do better

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Survey suggests managers must do better
For the third year in a row, Krauthammer has asked employees across Europe about the behaviour and experience they seek from their managers. Each year there are significant gaps between desires and reality. And this year is no exception.

The majority of managers (64 percent) are behaving in an exemplary or at least operational way and the behaviour of a third (33 percent) is at best penalising and at worst, disqualifying. At the same time 27 percent of employees report that their commitment to remaining in their organisation over the next 12 months is low.

“Senior managers, especially, should beware of paying lip service to crucial behaviours such as listening to their staff, whilst dismissing them as ‘too basic’. Or by assuming an air of ‘left that all behind me when I was a junior,’” warns Ronald Meijers, Co-Chairman of the Executive Board of Krauthammer. “Here’s a quote which illustrates the combination of ignorance and arrogance displayed by many senior managers: “Listening? Yeah, I had that skills training when I was 28.” But one should remember that sophistication in management stems from the mastery of essentials!”. He concludes.

“Employee commitment is worryingly low,” adds Steffi Gande, Co-Head of Krauthammer’s Research Department. “And job security is not as important to people as we suspected. Furthermore, job satisfaction is fragile. Managers who are relying on talent weathering out the storm in the current climate, no matter how poorly people are managed, are invited to think again!”

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19 August 2009


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