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Not a place of work, more a state of mind…

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To win the war for talent in the next decade, senior executives need to understand the transformation taking place in the world of work. Increasingly, work is ceasing to be a place, and more a state of mind.

Leading edge companies that realise this trend are moving towards a more collaborative and mobile way of working, under-pinned by technology and social networking. This is the key finding from the second edition of ‘HR Challenges and Solutions’ published by ADP in partnership with CorporateLeaders.

The report, subtitled ‘Engaging and Empowering Employees in the New Workplace’, builds on the notions of empowerment and engagement and examines how organisations are making the connection between these ideas and the cultural generational changes taking place. The report provides real-life case studies from ADP, Atos, Nitto Denko, and Schneider Electric and is supported by data from leading studies.

Young people who entered work in the last decade are demanding greater variety and challenges with a different return for their loyalty than their parents expected. The “Facebook generation” or “millennial generation” are accustomed, through social networking and mobile technology, to a level playing field in which everyone is listened to and everyone takes part in the discussion. In the talent war, which has continued to challenge organisations, an engaging and collaborative culture in the workplace, which empowers individuals and teams, is the best recipe for attracting and retaining the talent. Employers are recognising that, for a new generation, a new approach to management is required which gives staff flexibility and ease of communication.

The case studies and research in the report show companies that harness the latest technology in the workplace do so to: Improve people’s ability to work effectively at a distance and on the move; Encourage employees to learn and develop through joining communities of practice; Enhance recruitment efforts to tap into new generation talent and better market organisations to younger people. Jill Altana, ADP’s Division Vice President, HR Employer Services Sales, says, “People entering the workforce now expect companies to provide the tools and technology to enable them to be productive in any environment whether at home, with a client or sitting in Starbucks. It can become a significant differentiator from a recruitment standpoint.”

Companies have to adapt to the new working climate. HR is responding to these demands by searching for new software solutions and placing them in the hands of line managers and employees, a move which has the added benefit of improving productivity. The report provides evidence of a drive to use the latest technology to empower the workforce, aiding HR professionals to implement the solutions that meet the needs of the new generation. By doing this, the HR function is enhancing both engagement and productivity – alongside the profile of the organisation. The new way of working is based on flexible hours and flexible workplaces, enabled by technology such as mobile applications, cloud computing, virtualisation, and social networking. Executives who understand this and equip their organisations to survive in this new world will be the ones still leading successful organisations in the Human and Mobile Age. The full “HR Challenges and Solutions: Engaging and Empowering Employees in the New Workplace” report can be downloaded in 9 languages from

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