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Work age raise to 70 challenges prejudice

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Work age raise to 70 challenges prejudice

A new report has called for retirement age to be
increased to 70 as soon as possible, and for the subsequent savings made on
pension payouts to be used to simplify the basic state pension and increase its

Charlie Mullins, Managing
director of the UK’s largest independent plumbing firm, Pimlico Plumbers
commented: “The IOD’s proposal, which effectively outlaws means testing, will
simply leave the less well off even further out of pocket. Most older people
nowadays are already having to work past the current retirement age, as they
cannot afford to live on a state pension.

Mr Mullins is
warning businesses will need to radically change their attitude to older
workers, if the retirement age is raised to 70. His comments come as a report
from The Institute of Directors (IOD) this week demands a ‘radical reform’ of
both the state and private retirement benefit systems: “If raising the
retirement age to 70 is going to work, then businesses will need to radically
change their attitude when it comes to employing older people. They should be
seen as an asset and not as an inconvenience and work policies need to be
introduced to reflect their differing needs.” 

Mr Mullens added: “Some companies
may already have employees continuing to work with them beyond 65, but I would
urge firms to also consider employing people in this age category. At Pimlico
we do both and I’m sure it has played a part in our ongoing success. “There are
thousands of older people living in this country, who possess a huge amount of
experience and expertise. And what’s more I’ve found over the years that older
employees are some of my most reliable and trustworthy.”

28 October 2009

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