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Age old dilemma – call for removal of retirement age

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The Employers Forum on Age says the idea of enforcing a mandatory retirement age is out of step with today. They are additionally concerned with the prevalence of age discrimination in the workplace. Director Catharine Pusey says: “It is really disappointing that two and a half years on from the 2006 age legislation, so many people are still victims of ageism at work.”

She adds, “It’s down to us all as individuals to challenge our own ageist beliefs and ensure that particularly at work, we base our judgements on skills and ability rather than age.”

The EFA is campaigning for a removal of the default retirement age in 2011 rather than simply a review. However, even with a change in law it is clear there is still work to be done. Catharine explains a change in attitude is required: “Legislation can only provide a framework to protect against unfair discrimination, it cannot achieve the level of culture change which is needed to end ageism.”



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