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VIDEO – ‘Brexit Series’ launched to help with workplace uncertainty

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Business psychologists Pearn Kandola has launched a range of guidance videos to help with recruitment, leadership and diversity in the workplace following the European Referendum result.

The ‘Brexit Series’ is designed to provide HR professionals and business leaders with clarity during the ongoing economic and political environment, and advises on how they can best manage business critical situations. It begins with a look at how leaders can best guide their teams when they are feeling unsettled.

Stuart Duff, Partner and Head of Development at Pearn Kandola says:
“Uncertainty takes away our feeling of control, and we are often desperate to get it back. Some leaders will grasp at minor details in order to try and satisfy this feeling – so they might make decisions quickly or fail to think creatively – all in an attempt to bring back normality.

“Business leaders should make sure they build an awareness of how they are responding during times of uncertainty and under pressure. Maintaining an openness to other people and different ways of doing things is important and leaders needs to be conscious that uncertainly often creates a higher level of caution.

“Crucially, stepping back from the situation to reflect and realise the bigger picture, rather than jumping in and worrying about specific issues, will be important to providing clarity and calm to a workforce in a post-Brexit world.”

Mike Idziaszczyk, Head of Marketing at Pearn Kandola commented:
“Businesses are naturally focused on how the current landscape will affect employee morale, so we have created these videos to help them navigate through the complex landscape of human emotion.

“Our experience working with clients through previous uncertain times, coupled with a deep psychological understanding of our drivers as humans, has produced an insightful series of videos made to keep organisations on the straight and narrow during times of instability.”

To view Pearn Kandola’s ‘Brexit Series’ of advice videos for organisations, click here or visit the homepage at

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