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Ninety-eight percent of Britons changed jobs since 2013

Bill Richards

Almost every working adult in the country has changed jobs at least once in the last five years, according to new research into job-hopping by job site Indeed. Contributor Bill Richards, UK Managing Director – Indeed.

98.1 percent of Brits are no longer in the same job as they were five years ago, as attitudes among both jobseekers and employers continue to shift away from the traditional ‘job for life’ mentality.

The Indeed study, which assessed the attitudes of more than 1,200 employers and jobseekers, found that job-hopping – switching between a series of short-term roles – no longer carries the stigma it once did. Fewer than a quarter (23 percent) of the jobseekers interviewed felt short-termism would harm their wider career prospects.

This view was echoed by a reassuringly high two-thirds (64 percent) of employers, who did not feel job-hoppers impact their businesses negatively. Researchers also found a generational shift in attitudes towards job-hopping.

Those under 35 years of age were more than twice as likely than their older peers to think short-term jobs help their careers. 40 percent of jobseekers aged under 35 saw job-hopping as positive for their career, compared to just 15 percent of those older than 35. Fans of job-hopping praised it as a way to learn new skills, burnish their CV and develop greater adaptability.

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at Indeed, comments: “Many of us are naturally wary of change, especially when it comes to something as important as our career. Yet there’s a lot to be said for seeking fresh challenges and broadening our horizons.

Our new research dispels the myth of the ‘job for life’ and supports the trend of non-linear career paths. Not everyone chooses to change jobs frequently, but most of us will work for a number of different employers during our careers.”

“While once employers were wary of candidates with a history of switching jobs, they’re increasingly embracing the broader skill set and adaptability job-hoppers offer. Variety is the spice of life, and job-hoppers can bring a huge injection of ideas, energy and professionalism to any workplace.”

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