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Employees encouraged to ‘Move Like A Boss’ to prevent health issues

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With physical inactivity now being the fourth largest cause of death and disability in the UK, Nuffield Health has released a new video looking at ways office workers can become more active during their working day.

The ‘Move Like a Boss’ video, which was created by the Nuffield Health’s in-house content team, aims to  inspire people to move more throughout the day without having to make drastic changes to their routine. It also explains the huge benefits this can have on peoples’ health and the negative impact that sitting down for excessive periods of time could be having.

With guidance from Jay Brewer, Nuffield Health Professional Head of Clinical Wellbeing, the video follows colleagues Andre and Dave during their average working day. It compares how much more active Dave is and the issues that Andre is left with as a result of his inactivity.

Saul Sherry, Head of Content at Nuffield Health, comments: “We are all guilty of spending too much time at our desks but people aren’t always aware of how much damage they are doing. We wanted to create a fun video with advice that is easy to incorporate into busy working days. Hopefully we can show people that by making small changes to their working routine they can hugely improve their health now and for the future.”

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