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“Can you die from a hangover”

Dawn Henderson, Marketing -

The morning after the night before: Britain desperate for hangover-cure service. National survey to discover how Brits combat hangovers. Brits are most likely to attempt to cure their hangovers with a fry up, sleep or paracetamol. Contributor Dawn Henderson, Marketing –

There is a demand for hangover care package services, new research has revealed.The research, which was conducted by online parcel delivery company, found that 59 percent of people said they would use a ‘Hangover Care Package’ service.

Using a national survey, the research found that Brits are most likely to attempt to cure their hangovers with a fry up (18.7 percent), a nap (17.2 percent) or paracetamol (12.6 percent).

A greasy fry up was the top choice for Brits, being particularly popular with men and the top answer for multiple age groups (18-24s, 25-34s and 45-54s). Women were more likely to stick to medicinal options and pop some paracetamol, and this was also the cure of choice for the 55-64-year olds and those aged 65+).

Other popular answers included water, coffee/tea, energy drinks, fast food, crisps, fruit, or getting back on it and having more alcohol. 1 in 50 were confident that no cure would work, and that they would just grin and bear it until the hangover went away on its own.

One person claimed that the only way to get them over their hangover was to have a “mini milk lolly and full fat Coke”, and another strangely relied on “lettuce, lots of it”.

Based on these findings, the ultimate hangover care package might look a little something like this:

The research also analysed people’s perception about mid-week drinking. It seems that most people abstain from alcohol during the working week, with 46 percent saying that it is not acceptable to consumer any alcoholic drinks on a “school night”.

However, almost a third (31 percent) of people feel comfortable having a couple of drinks, and 8 percent of people are happy to sink 8+ bevvies even when they have work to attend the following morning.

Other findings suggested that:  12 percent admitted that they would call into work sick the day after their office Christmas party. Men are more likely to do so than women

25-34-year olds are the worst offenders, and 35-44-year olds are the least likely to make their excuses

‘Doctor Google’ appears to be the go-to place when it comes to hangovers – boozy antics over the winter months saw searches for the phrase “hangover cure” reach 27,000 in December last year (2016)

Auto-complete suggestions also reveal the public’s worries over their post night out activity -currently, if you search for the phrase “can you die” in Google, the top auto-fill suggestion is “can you die from a hangover”

Dawn Henderson, from the Marketing Team at, commented on the findings:

“With ‘can you die from a hangover’ as a common search query in Google, and with 27,000 searching for ‘hangover cures’ last Christmas, we wanted to delve deeper into how people cope with a dreaded hangover.

“The reliable hangover cures of a fry up, plenty of sleep and paracetamol are still the most trusted by Brits, but it seems that we are also willing to try more random remedies when we are feeling a bit fragile.

“It was interesting to see that more than half of people would use a ‘Hangover Care Package’ service, and with Christmas parties and New Year both just around the corner it could be the perfect time for someone to develop this.

“It is a service that some major companies are already considering, and we’re excited to see how this might develop further in the future.”

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