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 Four in Five US Small Businesses have no formal remote working policy

Zach Capers

Research shows SMBs interested in providing remote working, but lack processes to support it. A vast majority of SMBs have no formal policy or process in place regarding remote work, new research of 190 small businesses has revealed. Contributor Zach Capers, Senior Content Analyst – GetApp.

The survey, commissioned by GetApp, found that 81 percent of small businesses in the US have no formal remote work policy in place. These findings come in the wake of a 2017 study, which showed that up to 85 percent of US companies allow some form of remote work.

The findings highlight that while many companies are happy to offer flexible working, less than one-fifth provide employees with clear guidance on how this works within their organisation. The research was conducted in light of a number of recent surveys surrounding this growing business trend. 86 percent of workers between the ages of 18-34 would be more inclined to accept a job that offers remote working.

To address the issues highlighted by these findings, GetApp has provided a comprehensive guide for businesses who want to create, implement and manage a remote work program within their organisation. Failure to provide a remote work policy means that many current or potential employees are left not knowing their rights when it comes to remote working. The guide offers tips from deciding whether remote working is right for your business, how to construct a remote working policy, through to managing and supporting remote teams and maintaining security whilst working in public.

Zach Capers, Senior Content Analyst at GetApp, commented on the research, “The way the modern workforce likes to operate is constantly evolving, and remote working is sure to play a big part in the future. We conducted this research to find out how SMBs are adapting to a growing trend, and it seems many of them are not formalising their approach to remote working.

“With 81 percent of US small businesses operating without a formal remote work policy in place, many employees are left in the dark when it comes to remote working. We felt it was important to provide a tool that would support businesses who were looking to move into this modern style of working.”

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