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Referendums – a sure way to slow an economy

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British manufacturers have signalled a forecast in early March that has signalled a downturn in manufacturing due to the forthcoming Euro referendum.

The referendum is not until June so we can confidently predict that further downward markers will be posted whether as a true sign of the impact or not remains to be seen. Since 2013 we have been on an endless referendum and election trail as we looked at breaking up the UK and now Europe and between that the most unpredictable General Election in a decade.

The uncertainty is causing an already fragile and low confidence economy to become ever more cautious and in many cases dithery! The impact on jobs and the progression and movement in labour is suffering. We are already seeing jobs being put on hold and in the case of European focussed finance, marketing and General Manager jobs the market is at a low point, certainly to 2008 levels.

Once we have decided our European fate we have to once and for all give our economy and its contributing economies the chance to press on with growth without distraction. If we do leave Europe a follow up re-look at Scottish independence could be fatal. It is time to stop scoring own goals in the economy.

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