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Snow excuses for business disruption

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In light of the predicted snow fall and severe weather over the weekend, inevitably, questions are being asked once again about how prepared Britain will be for the cold weather and how core infrastructure will cope.

With British businesses on the ropes, can organisations withstand another Winter weather crisis? Collaboration and communication will prove key for businesses as they seek to maintain smooth operations through the disruptive weather. James Campanini  from Cisco gives his thoughts on how business should approach their collaboration strategy. James Campanini, Managing Director at Cisco WebEx: “The onus for adopting new collaboration technology and improving the way that knowledge workers work together should not necessarily always fall on the organisation.

Increasingly we are seeing individuals within an organisation taking the initiative and purchasing their own licences to tools like WebEx. By introducing elements such as video and live document sharing to virtual meetings they are able to improve the quality and productivity of their own meetings and stand-out from their peers. With another harsh Winter predicted and meetings forced to be conducted virtually, we anticipate more individuals taking charge of their own collaboration practices and personally investing in new tools and technology which will enhance their business performance.”

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