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“Personal issues” fuelling high employee attrition

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A poll of UK CEOs has uncovered that nearly three quarters (73 percent) cite personal issues, including stress, as the main reason for their employees changing jobs – above pay (34 percent) and job dissatisfaction (19 percent).

The research also found that a lack of opportunities came near the bottom of the list, with only seven percent of respondents feeling this was cause for concern and a key reason why employees leave the company. These findings suggest that, in most cases, reasons for employees leaving may go beyond just pay and progression, with undisclosed “personal issues” having more of an affect on happiness in a role than managers may realise. Kevin Young, General Manager, EMEA at Skillsoft (source of the research data) said: “Many managers only find out an employee is unhappy in their role and the reasons for that on the day they leave or hand in their notice. By this time it is often too late to rectify the situation and do anything to keep a valued member of staff.”

“Personal reasons can include a wealth of issues that impact upon a person’s ability to do their job effectively. The findings highlighted areas where companies can use training to help staff remain happy and motivated in their work. By ensuring that each employee has their own, tailored training programme and an opportunity to voice any concerns, employers can feel confident that they are giving staff every opportunity to succeed, despite other personal pressures they may be under,” adds Young. Businesses are starting to recognise the value of providing staff with resources and training related to well-being, by offering help and advice on both professional and personal issues.

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