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380,000 new grads heading for lifetime of underemployment

Chris Davies

Almost half of the class of 2019 in the UK won’t get a graduate-level job and will remain underemployed, latest figures show.

About 800 000 will graduate this year in the UK (HESA, 2018). 380 000 of them will be underemployed, taking jobs that do not require a degree (CIPD, 2017). Of the 420 000 graduates who do land a graduate-level job, 250 000 will be within tech/digital and IT roles (Graduate Coach, 2019).

This data has been compiled by Graduate Coach, in collaboration with CV-Library to commission research to gain a better understanding of why graduates are struggling to find graduate jobs that match their level of education. A survey of 1500 graduates revealed: 90 percent found it difficult to work out what job would suit them best; 86 percent found it difficult to write a good CV; 85 percent find interviews difficult and nerve-wracking; 85 percent admitted needing work experience before entering the workforce.

Chris Davies, the founder of Graduate Coach said: “This is a sad reality for the graduates and the country because it involves wasted potential.” He also reveals: “ there are three main reasons why the 48 percent of graduates will fail to get suitable work: They don’t know which careers will suit them best, they cannot write good achievement-based CVs and need to acquire interview skills.”

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