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Why supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion in the big return is so important

Kate Palmer, Peninsula UK

LGBTQ+ rights are a hot topic in the media and the workplace right now, as we approach Manchester Pride this coming weekend.

Kate Palmer is HR Advice and Consultancy Director at Peninsula.  She looks at the importance of inclusivity in the workplace: “One of the most important challenges employers face is how best to run an inclusive and harmonious working environment, where all rights are equally respected and there is a zero-tolerance stance when it comes to harassment of any kind.

“There are various ways in which employers can drive forward an inclusive culture within their organisation. For example, appointing equality champions with a remit of ensuring that opportunities for training, development and promotion are available to all, and taking steps to monitor the effectiveness of this.

“Training staff on inclusivity and encouraging managers to focus on an individual’s talents and attributes when assessing performance and assigning opportunities, will reap big rewards. Not only will it help to ensure the best person is in the job, therefore driving performance, but it will also limit any potential discrimination claims that could result from poor treatment of people with protected characteristics.

“The COVID pandemic has been a time for people to reflect on their priorities, especially when it comes to their job, work/life balance and employer, which has resulted in many looking to move on and find a workplace which is more aligned with their personal values. Taking steps to promote inclusivity in your workplace will not only help retain your current employees but also attract new ones from a wider talent pool, bringing in fresh ideas and creativity.

“Being an inclusive workplace does not have to be a big task. Employers should embrace the positives that the drive to inclusivity will bring, such as reputational benefits and attracting talent who see their company values as an attractive opportunity.”

The Peninsula Group is proud to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ employees and clients here in Manchester and around the world. We believe in the right for everyone, regardless of their sexual or gender identity, to be happy, healthy, and respected at work. We aim to use gender neutral language in our content wherever possible, advise on how to sensitively handle LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace and offer support to anyone who needs it.

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