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Phil Wilson on how the Civil Service learnt from data to win the best digital native graduates

Phil Wilson
digital culture

Civil Service Chief Assessor and Chief Psychologist Phil Wilson presented a case study of how his team used data insights to help fill roles in the Fast Stream Digital & Technology programme.

The need for this arose because candidates were not choosing that programme as a first preference and data from the UK Commission for Skills and Employment had identified clear gaps in skills and competences for this area. Civil Service Fast Stream & Early Talent wanted to change this and in particular broaden the spectrum of diversity it was attracting to the Digital & Technology programme.

Historically, this was weaker than other streams with just 30% of women successful, and of all applicants just over 10% came from BME backgrounds, less than 10% declared disabilities and the same proportion of candidates were from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Working with a social mobility charity partner, Phil and his team looked at data insights to get a better understanding of how to revamp the attraction strategy for Digital & Technology in order to increase applications and raise diversity in applicants.