Transgender Employees in the Workplace – A guide for employers

Transgender Employees in the Workplace – A guide for employers

Author: Jennie Kermode

Reviewed by: Madeleine Field

Young people have access through social media to a wide range of thoughts and information on gender dysphoria and sexual orientation in a way that would not have been possible a generation ago.  For people who decide to transition it is so important that we have an understanding of their experience and needs and are able to support them.

As a reminder of how topical and timely this help is, the day I write this review a national tabloid newspaper criticized the United Nations for their recommendation that we should use the term ‘pregnant people’ rather than assume ‘pregnant mothers’, to avoid offending trans people, as shocking and an insult to women.   Despite this subject becoming increasingly familiar as employers recognise the benefits of a diverse and inclusive work force, there will be those who have little or no experience of working alongside trans people.  This book offers both practical advice to cover a variety of workplace situations and helps to put some detail into the experiences of trans people and how societal changes have increased the debate.

The book covers a great deal in its 200 pages and is useful in several ways.  It has many facts and answers to questions around supporting and understanding potential issues that may face trans employees.  It also gives links to support groups and networks for further information and help in specific sectors and organisations.  All of this information may be of use to people within your organisation, from HR advisors to line managers but also for anyone who wants to understand more about their colleagues, customers and our richly diverse society.

My advice is to leave the book visible on your desk, not hidden away the in HR department.  In the two weeks that I have done this, I have been involved in conversations with colleagues who wanted to share their experience of trans relatives and friends and I shared the book with a colleague who has just hired a trans woman into his department and who wants to make sure that she feels welcome and supported.  It is through these conversations that diversity increases and we bring the best people into our organisations, ensuring continued commercial success.

Madeleine Field – Head of Diversity and Inclusion at FDM Group

Jessica Kingsley Publishers