The Data Driven Leader – A Powerful Approach to Delivering Measurable Business Impact through People Analytics 

Authors: Jenny Dearborn & David Swanson

Review by: Emma Browes

Written by Jenny Dearborn and David Swanson of SAP, it’s no surprise that this book that this book really champions the use of data and evidence in HR.  It does bring a fresh and accessible perspective to an area some people may find daunting.  When I picked it up I was expecting a kind of dry, numbers based, thing.  But I got a pleasant surprise.

The book is more like a considerably less racy version of ‘Disclosure’ than a boring maths book.  If you’re not normally keen on the numbers, or the need for numbers, You might like this approach.  The story brings to life how we can all use evidence based approach to support out work and goals for our profession and our businesses.

Slightly cheesy in places, the style might grate (sorry) with some, but if you can bear with you might get some of why and how you might use evidence to tell your story better.

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