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Gary Cookson

Don’t forget the humans

It seems to be a common occurrence that few organisations can pull off a successful merger, acquisition or general coming together without causing disruption and trauma for employees and sometimes other stakeholders too. Such issues then often detract from the ... View Article

Article by 6 January 2016

Graham White

New Year – New leaders – Old Advice

Resolutions for New Leaders (and some old ones) For many years I always looked forward to the start of a New Year and the first January inductions of new staff. I especially looked forward to the management inductions. A new ... View Article

Article by 4 January 2016


The truth about conflict

We are so afraid of emotion in the workplace when in fact emotion is the one thing that enables us to make shifts and changes. From babies we’re soothed to not cry, through cuddles, food, changed nappies, a warmer blanket. ... View Article

Article by 21 December 2015

Carl Fitzsimons

Dark Magic & Successful Leaders

Please don’t read this. It’s not for you.  You’re already a Successful Leader, right? So move along, nothing for you here. No good can come of reading this, for your sort. Ok, maybe quick look, ‘to help a friend’. But don’t ... View Article

Article by 7 December 2015

Perry Timms

Organisational Development

Optimism is a commendable thing, but it can also mask many ills. Business momentum has been arrested for so long that the first hints of positivity have created false hopes and expectations. Who could have believed that the travails of ... View Article

Article by 1 December 2015

Tim Scott

Social media in HR: leader, laggard or conscript?

As a confirmed social media enthusiast – some might say evangelist – I am occasionally asked to speak about the subject, often to people considered to be sceptics (or “laggards” to use the slightly disparaging term best known as part of the ... View Article

Article by 25 November 2015


Not Just Rewards

I’ve just been talking with a major employer about pensions. I claim no expertise in this area, so I thought I’d write about it. The issues we were discussing were about the impact of macro trends on pension provision – ... View Article

Article by 23 November 2015

Paul Avis

Disability models and a diverse workforce

I have long been a subscriber to the view that the Medical, Charity and Social models of disability are all flawed in the employment context, particularly with a view to getting the newly disabled back into the workplace. These more ... View Article

Article by 6 November 2015