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Coaching – What are you stuck on?

We all get stuck. Stuck in our same old thinking habits. Stuck in the face of new challenges. Stuck in our unhelpful thoughts that hold us back. Stuck with emotions that swirl around in our minds with nowhere to go. ... View Article

Article by 27 July 2015

Perry Timms

Strategic Workforce Planning

It’s enough to strike fear into the heart of every HR Director – the line from the board “Let’s have a look at our strategic workforce planning process”. I’m not advocating there shouldn’t be one or that HR Director’s fear ... View Article

Article by 15 June 2015

Paul Avis

The state of the Group Risk market!

Every year the two most important surveys for Group Risk Insurers come out in April and June – Swiss Re. ‘Group Watch’ shows how the Group Risk market is doing and how we, as an insurer, are faring in terms ... View Article

Article by 19 May 2015


Wellbeing – The power of perspective

There are many aspects to wellbeing, and many things that organisations can do to help employees. One component is helping people to think well, and I want to explore just one element of that – the power of perspective – ... View Article

Article by 19 May 2015

Emma Browes

Keeping the Human in Human Resources – Redundancy

I’ve just watched ‘Up in the air’, the film where George Clooney is a ‘Transition Counsellor’ flying around the country firing people and then preparing them to find new jobs. It got me thinking about redundancy – it’s impact and the importance of ... View Article

Article by 14 May 2015

Tom Haak

Can HR stand the heat in the kitchen?

Metaphors are dangerous. For this blog post I try to use cooking as inspiration, and a little bit as a metaphor for HR and the impact of HR on organisations. Ingredient number 1: El Bulli – Cooking in progress (movie ... View Article

Article by 16 April 2015

Carl Fitzsimons

Cracking the Talent Code

We all  know about managing Talent don’t we?…and we manage it very well , thanks for asking. No need to dwell on this point… We look after our High Potentials, we talk about them, (at least once a year) we put them ... View Article

Article by 27 March 2015