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3 reasons your Hiring Manager should be social

Earlier today I received an email from a manager and still cannot find the words to explain how overjoyed I was with the content. Within the email was a LinkedIn connection request received from a very eager individual, keen to ... View Article

Article by 27 February 2015


Apprenticeships – ambitions realised

I feel privileged to be one of the guest tutors at The Juice Academy and I want to share three personal experiences of working with Apprentices.   (1) Realising Ambitions  Last week, I was enjoying a pre-dinner drink at the ... View Article

Article by 11 February 2015


Is collaboration a value?

Most companies have a list of core values. Many of these lists look alike. I looked up some companies. The values of Accenture: Stewardship, Best People, Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Respect for the Individual and Integrity. Coca Cola: ... View Article

Article by 11 February 2015


Funny rumblings in social media

Funny things are happening on our enterprise social network (or work FaceBook) and they’re making me feel uncomfortable. There have been some great things happening – the practical works particularly well, how do I….?   One enterprising person took the bull by the ... View Article

Article by 28 January 2015


My personal engagement checklist

In most organizations I have worked in engagement (or job satisfaction as it was formerly called) was measured annually or bi-annually. Generally you got a long list of questions to complete online. About 4-6 month later you were invited to ... View Article

Article by 12 January 2015


Props to the in-house recruiter

HR can be a tough job at times.  There are plenty of aspects to it that prove challenging.  Today, I want to ask for a little love for the internal recruiter. Recruiting is a seriously hard job, and sometimes I ... View Article

Article by 8 January 2015