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About Iejaz Uddin

Iejaz Uddin is the CEO of Through his 10 years of managerial experience, he has become a specialist in freemium business models, SEO and social media platforms. Prior to this, he spent 9 years working for the West Midlands Police Authority. Professionally, he believes that leaders who do not listen to employees will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.

Talent Management – David vs Goliath

Difficult economic times, skills shortages, stiffer competition and an aging workforce is beginning to change the world of recruitment. The talent pool is shrinking, forcing companies to compete more aggressively for those key people who can push a organisation forward. It is now much harder to find and retain those individuals who have the potential to bring success. This is especially true for Small to Mid-Sized enterprises who employ less than 250 people.

Article by 14 November 2019