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About Emma Crowe

Emma Crowe is Executive Director for Human Capital, EMEA at TTEC and is responsible for delivering Human Capital and Talent Acquisition strategies across the region. Emma holds an EMBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University and is passionate about developing high-performing teams and creating a culture where people can thrive. Emma brings a wealth of global experience, holding senior positions in organisations in both the CX and professional services industries including DXC Technology and Conduit Global and is a board member on the Welsh Contact Centre Forum.

Could the Great Resignation become the Great Retention?

It’s no surprise that many people clung onto their jobs so tightly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Anyone that could continue by working from home did so and protected their position. Many people that had been thinking about new opportunities just paused their search, because the middle of a pandemic lockdown is not an easy time to go looking for a job.

Article by 19 November 2021

How Employers Need to Manage the Great Resignation

Over in the US they are calling this immediate post-pandemic period ‘The Great Resignation.’ The Harvard Business Review recently asked the question ‘how can employers retain people in the face of this tidal wave of resignations?’

Article by 4 October 2021

Modern Customer Journeys Require New Skills in The Contact Centre

In my last article here, I wrote about the excitement of working in a contact centre in the 2020s. Far from the stereotype, modern contact centres are full of emerging technologies, such as Big Data analytics and AI, making them a fantastic place for people to build a career in areas as diverse as sales, marketing, and technology.

Article by 27 August 2021