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The ‘ROOTS’ Framework for Sustaining Relevancy and Competitiveness for Organizations Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The dynamics of the digital age impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a profound challenge for organizations, especially, those facing the dire prospect of being marginalized by astute competitors who are incessantly nibbling at their previously secure and dominant market positions. This has especially been a rude awakening for those corporate entities that had developed their risk management plans according to ‘normal/foreseen’ business cycles.

Article by 1 October 2021

How to encourage creative thinking inclusively and remotely in the new world of work

Our workplace culture has changed in the last year. We’ve moved from physical to virtual, and in the future, we’ll be seeing a more hybrid approach. Organisations have rapidly adopted and leveraged digital tools. Team meetings, one-to-ones, town halls, and even after-work socials have moved to virtual. This has also meant brainstorming meetings, ideation and design activities have too. Yet often, these creative thinking sessions stereotypically are based on ‘being in the room’ harnessing the energy from that to create ideas.

Article by 14 April 2021

25 years of the Disability Discrimination Act: Tackling discrimination in the workplace and beyond

November 2020 marks the twenty fifth anniversary of disability rights legislation in the U.K. It is a time to reflect on the fight for rights by disabled campaigners and others that finally resulted in the ground-breaking and much needed legislation. But 25 years on from the passing of the DDA, have we tackled discrimination in the workplace and what do we need to do now?

Article by 12 February 2021