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About Abu Md. Abdullah

Abu Md. Abdullah, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration in Eastern University in Dhaka. Teaching is a both a passion and a profession, he tutors courses relating to Human Resource Management and Strategic Management. Abu researches in areas of managing people, employee retention, entrepreneurship development, and matters of protecting environment are a particular core focus. He also loves to travel and is passionate about the culture and beauty of Bangladesh.

What’s going on in HR

Due to the advantage of lower prices, improved quality triggered by healthy competition, more choices at the hands of consumers, less corruption due to the pressure of survival followed by less red tape, and quicker delivery, the Government of Bangladesh encourages privatization with a view to developing and strengthening the economy of the country by bringing more opportunities for income for its people.

Article by 27 December 2018

Grouping in the workplace – The multifarious side effects

What makes them come to the office and enjoy this life? What makes them stay happy for years in their work life? Yes, the primary reasons could be the need to make a livelihood and independence. But that’s not all. A bond or closeness is like a feeling of comfort, of being attached to a group of colleagues all sharing the same thoughts which is also a key that keeps people active, which keep employees happy and rooted to their organisations. Now, does this bond lead only to the happy vibe for employees? Does it have any negative effects? Let’s find out:

Article by 13 November 2018