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Is HR the missing piece in reshoring tech Ttlent?

Tech reshoring challenges abound, but none of them are impossible. HR departments working closely with other teams and planning carefully can enable a smooth transition.

Article by 23 July 2023


Bridging skills gap and investing in human capital

This particular downturn has some unique characteristics, most notably a continuing tight labour market. As a result, staff recruitment and retention is a major challenge for organisations all over the world.

Article by 21 February 2023


How does mental health factor into the battle for talent?

As human resources leaders everywhere already know, acquiring talent (and retaining it over time) is paramount to organisational resilience and business success. But without mental health, organisations struggle to hire in and keep valuable staff.

Article by 24 November 2022


Why your team needs both ‘hunters’ and ‘farmers’

Contrasting skills, personalities and attitudes are vital for the essential mix that healthy organisations need. Thinking about the requirements of the roles within your team or organisation in somewhat simple terms can help you arrange and marshal your resources in the numbers needed, where needed – just as a general organises their forces for the campaign ahead.

Article by 8 August 2019


The Dating Game

You’re setting up an online dating business. You want to position yourselves above the rest which means you need to ... View Article

Article by 5 February 2016