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Rob Purfield

Why your team needs both ‘hunters’ and ‘farmers’

Contrasting skills, personalities and attitudes are vital for the essential mix that healthy organisations need. Thinking about the requirements of the roles within your team or organisation in somewhat simple terms can help you arrange and marshal your resources in the numbers needed, where needed – just as a general organises their forces for the campaign ahead.

Article by 8 August 2019


The Dating Game

You’re setting up an online dating business. You want to position yourselves above the rest which means you need to ... View Article

Article by 5 February 2016

Anthony Hesketh

Thoughtful Leadership: When The Whole Is a Greater Than The Sum of the Parts

The recent appointment of Satya Nadella as the new chief executive of Microsoft didn’t catch many talent watchers by surprise. Late last year, outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer discretely announced in a meeting with analysts that Microsoft had already found their new leader. Given no major resignations or announcements had been made, other than to end speculation first, over ex-HP head Mark Hurd, and then Ford CEO Alan Mulally shortly before Christmas, the smart money was on an internal appointment.

Article by 11 February 2014


Confessions of a retention expert

Earlier in my career I had a large number of job titles in a short time. It's worth charting those job titles to show how one company's thinking grew and changed - changes that are now represented, to a greater or lesser degree, across different companies. So my story of honest confessions of my time as a 'retention expert' commence...

Article by 11 February 2014