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The role of talent intelligence in shaping company culture

Talent intelligence is changing talent management worldwide and helping make company cultures more powerful with a focus on skills and capabilities. Talent intelligence provides data-driven insights so talent management teams can acquire quality talent, workforce planning, and reskilling programs. It optimizes cost, future-proofs the workforce, enhances employee satisfaction, and builds a positive company culture.

Article by Madhu Jena - Draup, Inc 28 May 2023


Off-payroll Protect – should you or shouldn’t you protect your business?

“The risk of being subject to an investigation is amplified where you are both the end client and the fee-payer. Recent high profile cases such as Gary Lineker, Eamonn Holmes and Stuart Barnes, illustrate the potential financial damage that an IR35 enquiry can have on your business should HMRC win the day.”

Article by Andy Vessey - Kingsbridge 27 May 2023


Why I introduced a four day week for my employees

The four-day week was the most radical step I have taken with my business since launching it in 2013. It was also the biggest risk because, despite all of the research, preparation and collaboration that was done before the switch, I had no idea if it would work. Some 18 months later, I’m still none the wiser. Don’t get me wrong, it has proved hugely popular with the staff and why wouldn’t it – the turkeys didn’t vote for Christmas – but I don’t know whether it has cost my business money.

Article by Colin Bryce, Managing Director - Cobry 26 May 2023


Challenging Stereotypes: Women thriving in non-traditional careers

In a world where gender biases still persist, women are defying societal expectations and flourishing in non-traditional careers, especially in the dynamic realm of technology. Despite facing obstacles like discrimination, pay gaps, and underrepresentation, women in tech are breaking barriers and making significant strides. Discover the inspiring stories of trailblazing women like Reshma Saujani, Tracy Chou, and Kimberly Bryant, who are paving the way for future generations. This article explores the challenges faced by women in the tech industry and highlights the efforts being made to encourage women to pursue careers in this rapidly evolving field. Let's celebrate the achievements of women in tech and learn how we can collectively promote diversity and inclusion for a brighter future

Article by Ivy Carter - Technologist 25 May 2023


Fostering the next generation of female tech leaders in travel

The aviation industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution. Decision-makers and consumers alike can see dynamic shifts in the way we travel, from more personalised experiences and AI-powered trip planning to hydrogen-powered aircraft engines. With such cutting-edge technologies being increasingly developed and adopted as well as exciting opportunities across a rapidly changing travel industry, how do we encourage the next generation of female professionals to join us on the journey?

Article by Latha Nair, Vice President and Head of Service Delivery - IBS Software 24 May 2023


Top tips to encourage a transparent work environment

You have heard it before and I am here to tell you again, company culture matters. Bad company culture is one of many dominos that have led to negativity in the workplace- such as the recent phenomenon of quiet quitters. Creating trust between leadership and employees requires a level of mutual accountability that is created through transparency.

Article by Shannon Walker Shannon Founder and President - WhistleBlower Security Inc 24 May 2023


Going global is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be

In the current challenging economic environment, companies are exploring various avenues to drive growth and create new business engines. One approach is to expand geographically, targeting new markets and customers outside of their traditional operating regions.  

Article by Ronni Zehavi - Digital media and tech space expert 23 May 2023


4 ways Turkish language training improves your HR strategies

In this modern era, the workforce has become increasingly diverse, thanks to the role technology plays in enhancing globalization. The Internet has opened up avenues for people to explore business and job opportunities in other countries, transcending borders and bridging cultural gaps.

Article by Tali Haim 22 May 2023