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Applying a Buddhist lens to Organizational Change

During the past few years, organizations have had to pivot, change, and adapt like at no other time before. And the need to change and evolve is only going to continue in 2023. In this article, I make a case for organizations to take a more spiritual approach to organizational change rooted in intention, mindfulness, and insight that can help address some of the reasons change initiatives fail, using Buddhism’s ‘Five Strengths’ as a framework.

Article by Zeeshan Ali Merchant 28 April 2023


Learning culture to go? How to transform your company into a learning organisation.

To compete and survive in these fast-moving times requires the openness to listen and learn from each other, be bold and experiment. One way to influence these elements is by fostering an organisational culture that encourages curiosity, development, and continuous learning — in short, a learning culture. Where do organisations start and what buttons should they push?

Article by Bernhard Stieger, Partner - Leadership Assessment & Development Europe Practice Leader - Kincentric 28 April 2023


Don’t lose your team to stress.

“A recent study by the HSE found that stress, depression, and anxiety accounted for 17 million days lost work in 2021/22.  With this in mind I feel it is vitally important that employers take care of their staff’s well-being and support them. And this shouldn’t be something we focus on for just one month of the year but should be an on-going concern.”

Article by Anthony Sutton - Cream HR 27 April 2023


What to do if an employee has a criminal past

While this is unlikely to be at the top of any employer’s wish list, it’s important to note that a conviction does not and should not mean a person is unable to do a good job.

Article by Alan Price, CEO - BrightHR 26 April 2023



Your incentive programme should be designed around the types of behaviours you want to reward and encourage in your business, providing a way for management and colleagues to acknowledge each other's successes and efforts.

Article by Corin Chapman - Wellbeing Expert at Sodexo Engage 25 April 2023


How the furlough scheme is impacting recruitment styles now

The pandemic forced employers previously resistant to flexible and part time working to see the value it can create in terms of employee well being, as well as from a financial and reputational point of view.  

Article by Nel Woolcott, Managing Director - Anne Corder Recruitment 25 April 2023


How to manage health and safety when you work on the road

Driver health and safety is essential not just for individual employees but also for other drivers, pedestrians and the business’ reputation. Here’s how companies can manage the health and safety of workers when they’re on the road.

Article by Dakota Murphey, Digital Trends Specialist - Contributor 24 April 2023


What HR Directors can learn from customer service teams

Latest McKinsey research finds HR operating models need to be redesigned. Three of the more interesting HR innovations; Adopt agile principles to ensure both strict prioritisation of HR’s existing capacity and swift reallocation of resources when needed, enabling a fundamentally faster rate of change in the business and with people and how they work. Excel along the employee experience (EX) journey to win the race for talent in the time of the Great Attrition, enabling both employee health and resilience. Re-empower frontline leaders in the business to create human-centric interactions, reduce complexity, and put decision rights (back) where they belong.

Article by David Earlam 21 April 2023


How will employers keep up with demands for mental health support?

EAPs are being treated as a frontline emergency service and involved with complex, long-term cases of mental illness (68% of employees contacting EAP services in 2022 were offered the support of counselling (640,250 people used an EAP service, and due to their situation and symptoms, 434,250 were offered counselling).

Article by Karl Bennett, Chair of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA UK) and Wellbeing Director - Vivup 20 April 2023


How to navigate the cultural challenges of hybrid working

It’s a challenging time for business leaders, but these tips should help you navigate the challenges that have arisen with hybrid/remote working in a post-pandemic world, improve relationships at all levels and achieve sought after business outcomes.

Article by Clare Spratt, Director and Learning Consultant - Netley Consulting 19 April 2023