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How tech can help make better, data-driven decisions

As a recruitment or HR manager, you’re always looking for ways to help make the hiring process simple, reliable, fast and cost-effective. But if you have to wait until, let’s say, the 15th of every month for your monthly report to get visibility of spending levels or distribution of workers, is that really the most effective way to manage and make those all-important decisions that can impact the bottom line?

Article by Julian Panter 22 July 2022


Effective early talent strategies can solve talent shortage

With the vacancy to candidate ratio being at an unprecedented 1:1, firms need to seek new pools of talent to fish in. This is on top of the challenges already being faced by People & Talent teams, from tackling an ageing workforce, addressing future skills, and hitting ED&I targets, alongside an increasing pressure on internal time and resource

Article by Simon Reichwald 21 July 2022


Beyond Pride Month – working inclusively all year round

June is Pride month, and many organisations celebrate pride at work by showing support and allyship to the LGBTQ+ community. The celebrations during Pride month are one thing, but are these organisations also working inclusively for the rest of the year?

Article by Holly Deimbacher 20 July 2022


Hiring struggles could be eleviated by temp recruitment

Hiring activity is surging at a “robust” pace, according to a new report from KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Yet businesses across the UK are struggling to recruit workers into temporary and permanent jobs. Could it be that recruitment directors are missing out on vital talent by putting all their eggs in one basket? Statistics suggest that the temporary recruitment market is in need of a shake up – a more modern approach that not only widens access to the talent pool but creates a more fair and transparent marketplace that builds competitive advantage.

Article by Mark Inskip - Matrix 19 July 2022


Intentional leadership in the time Of hybrid working

With employees divided between the office and their home, leaders must now ensure they lead with intention. But what is intentional leadership, and why is it essential in the time of hybrid working? 

Article by Zoe Lewis 19 July 2022


Five ways to change the Green narrative

The previous narratives lead to the same results: the disengagement of employees. Since others tell them how to think and what to do, it disables their own understanding, ideas, and intuition. They only comply with what everyone else is doing and keep waiting for solutions coming from others. The problem is that if we all think and act the same way, we end up with similar solutions and deadlocks, like now. Yet, since we are all different, we can all bring alternative solutions to the table

Article by Dona Bayounguissa - Life and Career Coach 18 July 2022


Right to Work check guidance is changing. Are you ready?

As Right to Work guidance changes, here are 4 key questions you’re probably asking yourselves, with answers from TrustID, a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) and some of their customers.

Article by Tony Machin - CEO - Trustid 18 July 2022


How can HR leaders drive agility in complex and ever-changing times?

Traditional hierarchies are broken, so how can businesses organise themselves so they can navigate and thrive in our complex, ever-changing world? How can you ensure teams can respond quickly to change, challenges and take opportunities? We joined forces with the London School of Economics (LSE) to carry out large-scale research into these questions.

Article by Dan Meek 17 July 2022


How to Market Your Brand With Memes

It's no secret that the world of marketing is a competitive one. So if you want your brand to succeed, you need to find creative and effective ways to reach your target audience.

Article by rachel melegrito 16 July 2022


It’s time to become a more human organisation

Many current business models are hangovers from the 20th century (or even further back), when humans were considered a resource to be controlled to ensure productivity. It’s time to move on.

Article by John Drummond 15 July 2022