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Engagement: from Dream to Reality

As I surfed the net about 10 years ago, preparing for a presentation on managing people, I found a thought-provoking survey that graphically illustrated the different values of managers and employees.[i] Both managers and employees had rated 10 factors influencing motivation, and the rating was vastly different. Managers rated Good wages and Job security as the top two factors. Employees rated Appreciation of work well done and a Feeling of “being in on things” top.

Article by 24 March 2020


The 2020s: decade of employee activism

The age of deference to authority is over. What was once a natural, common instinct is in short supply. No longer is there an assumption that employers are laudable institutions with worthy intentions - or a sense of the need to bow down to managers and bosses. Employees want reassurance and proof of an employer’s commitment to a social and environmental ‘good’.

Article by 17 March 2020


Wellbeing & Performance – 5 tips to help your people thrive.

As more and more organisations are realising the long term benefits of wellbeing investment there’s still many businesses out there lagging behind. We’re often challenged by old school mentalities that either don’t get it or they are just to “Manly” to admit that some people need more support. As a wellbeing provider one of my key roles is to take the non believers and persuade them that looking after their people will both benefit themselves and the organisations.

Article by 12 March 2020


Consumerism at work

Consumerism is at work all around us. We find ourselves aiding and abetting what has become a scourge of our times, from the moment we wake until we go back to sleep (and even then, we set things up so our consumption can continue unabated).

Article by 10 March 2020


A level battlefield – Equal opportunities

We have come a long way since organisations first started discussing equal opportunities and equality. Equal opportunity is the right to be treated without discrimination and equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights or opportunity.

Article by 6 March 2020