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We can automate but we can’t abdicate

Intelligent automation enables a number of routine tasks to be performed by machine learning or artificial intelligence. It’s easy to become caught up in the new freedom such technology provides. But where is the line that separates activity that machines can properly do and that which we should reserve to human beings?

Article by 31 October 2019


Managing Across the Generations

With many people staying longer in work either because they like what they’re doing and can’t see any point in retiring, or because they haven’t yet accrued the years to qualify for a big enough pension, managers of today often find themselves leading cross-generational teams and may wonder to themselves whether this calls for different approaches in order to get the best out of people.

Article by 29 October 2019


When you fail to value your line managers, you put your whole business at risk

Line mangers are in a uniquely difficult position. As both managers and managees, they take orders from above which they then pass down to the people they are responsible for. Rather like a middle child, who receives neither the privileges of the first-born or the indulgences of the youngest, line managers can feel excluded, with no clear place in an organisation.

Article by 22 October 2019


The case for workplace diversity

The UK is facing a skills shortage, with almost a quarter of all vacancies considered skills-shortage vacancies, according to a recent Government Employer Skills Survey.[1] Meanwhile, the prospect of a no-deal Brexit means a shrinking talent pool might shrink further in the near future.

Article by 17 October 2019


The ‘REVITALIZE’ Framework for Conducting Effective OD Interventions

Progressive organizations are routinely looking for a significant edge over the competition that can enable increased market share, fertile revenue streams and sustainable growth. Such objectives highlight the need for astute OD practitioners who can rise above the ‘corporate noise’ and timely initiate meaningful interventions in priority areas. Unfortunately, too many organizations focus on the short term resolution of current challenges and fail to realize the ‘Big Picture’ perspective in terms of harnessing the inherent strengths and accessible resources with an engaged workforce to secure a stellar future. Consequently, the efforts of OD practitioners are conveniently diluted by shortsighted corporate imperatives and ‘scapegoats’ are aggressively sought to ‘dump’ the blame for impending failures while promising careers dwindle in the harshness of organizational politics. Fortunately, such misfortunes can be avoided and the following approach safeguards against Machiavellian measures to preserve susceptible reputations…

Article by 10 October 2019


Telling Your Story – Effective Communication

Effective communication with your audiences is even more important that is has been in the past, given the volume of information we are consuming on all our different devices and various platforms. It’s all about ‘cutting through’ and being relevant to get messages across. This is something marketers have been doing for years, but today customers, potential clients, business partners, and employees place great importance on being able to trust the messages we see. As consumers, we are not only searching for the information we need, we are looking for reassurance. Whether we are researching something we are going to buy, who we vote for, or information to inform our beliefs and opinions we need to trust information that’s communicated by companies and its credibility.

Article by 8 October 2019


Why bosses should invest in training and development

Today it feels like change is the only constant that you can rely on. Brexit, digital transformation, industry 4.0 and a changing make-up of the workforce, it’s no surprise that resilience has never been higher on the boardroom agenda. Retaining and upskilling employees in the next few months may well prove critical to business success.

Article by 6 October 2019


The Truth About Resilience

Do you experience stress, frustration or a sense of stuckness in your organisation? This may be nothing to do with resistance from staff, but rather a normalisation of a low resilience level.

Article by 3 October 2019


How HR can help support employees with cancer

I chose to work in my career as a Cancer Nurse Specialist because people with cancer need much more than treatment alone. There is a much wider picture which is crucial in caring for people with cancer and this is acutely important in the workplace.

Article by 1 October 2019